Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

(60 min. $80.00/90 min $115.00) –Relieve tense, sore and tight muscles and improve overall health.A soothing and ultimate relaxing experience, using light to medium pressure, adjusting to your preference.  Aromatherapy can be added for no additional charge.


(90 min. $120.00)  A combination of foot or hand reflexology combined with accu-points and therapeutic massage that targets and addresses specific areas of tension and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

(60 min. $90.00/ 90 min. $125.00) – Trigger point and acupressure points are addressed  to targeted problem areas to help with decreasing and eliminating pain.

Hot Stone Therapy

(75 min. $95.00) –  Hot stone therapy warms and softens muscle tissue  increasing the effects of a massage.

Reflexology Treatment

(60 min.-$80.00/ 30 min. $40.00) – Promotes good health,  balances the body, eliminates stress, increases circulation and unblocks energy of nerve impulses and allows positive response to the body’s own healing ability.